6 TOP places where to place your device

June 1, 2021 11:32 am

Published by Lucie


Do you want to go on holiday, or just to work and safely protect your home? And do you know which places are good to place security cameras to make your home as secure as possible? That is why in our article we bring you TOP places where to place security cameras. These are not only rooms, but also places where a thief can most often get into your house.

Entrance hall

The entrance hall and the door to the house are one of the main places where a thief can get into your house. That’s why it’s important to have the camera set up in your hallway, where you can notice every movement and other things that aren’t normal in the corridor. For example, scattered shoes, or fallen things on the ground, etc.

Entrances to the house / garden

The place where thieves enter your land is most often the garden. If you have tall trees or shrubs, this is a great cover for thieves. Thanks to hiding in the bushes, none of the neighbors may even notice that someone is trying to get into your house. Therefore, it is very important to properly secure all entrances, such as gates, doors, or even windows.


In the garage, thieves can also find a lot of things that they can take or destroy. Things that can be stolen: expensive car, bikes, motorcycle, or other expensive things. When the garage is free-standing, it’s not that threatening. But if you have a garage part of the house and the door connecting garage and house and you do not have secured them, it is a big risk. That is why it is very important to have one camera in the garage.


You can also have the cellar accessible from the outside of the house, so it is important to secure it properly. Many people store not only food in the cellar, but also various valuables or expensive things. It can be an old TV, skis, or even an expensive bike, just like in a garage. The entrance from the basement can again be directly into your home, without security doors. This means that you will make it easier for every thief to enter your home.

A room where you have valuables

It can be a dressing room where you have expensive handbags, for example, but also jewelry. You don’t have to have a window in such a room, but if you have one there, you need to secure it. Of course, even if you do not have a window in the room and a thief gets to your house, he can start looking in the whole house, including your room with valuables.

Children’s room / Living room / Bedroom / Office

However, every room in your house is in danger. If you want to protect your entire home, it would be ideal to put a camera in every room in your house. This will make it easiest for you to view your home from anywhere in the world. You can see if there is any movement or slight changes in your home. Changes you may notice include relocated furniture, a dirty floor (shoe prints), or anything broken.

So how it goes setting up the cameras? Did you put the cameras in the right places? Of course, it is not a condition or a necessity to put a security camera in all of our chosen places. It’s just for your inspiration and the highest possible security. But now it’s up to you how to manage the protection of your house! We only wish you luck with placing the cameras well and that your home is properly protected!


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