8 ways to secure your home

June 1, 2021 11:59 am

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Do you want to go on vacation, but you are not sure that you have a well-secured home from thieves? That’s why we bring you 8 ways to secure your home.


The easiest and cheapest option for securing your home are the neighbors. Before you go on holiday, you can ask your neighbors if they will check your house regularly.
They can select your mailbox, check for damaged doors or windows. They can also turn on the lights from time to time, turn on the television so that thieves are not suspected of being home.
As a reward for your neighbors, you can buy some small items on holiday, or in return look after their house when they go away.


The second option is to get a dog. If someone moves around your house, they will notice and start barking, scare the thieves and no one will dare to see your house.

Social networks

When you go away from home for an extended period of time, only tell your closest people. Don’t let people know you’re going away on social networks and the internet. This will prevent the pretext of stealing your house. Thanks to your social networks, a thief can find out accurate information about where you are going, how long you are going, what it looks like at home and much more.


The first obstacle for thieves can also be a fence when entering your land. If you will not only have an ornamental, but also a quality and higher fence. If a thief has to cross a fence, it certainly won’t appeal to him as much as the unfenced land of another house.

Door security

The front door to the house is the first thing thieves try. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a quality security door. The material from which the door is made is also very important.

You can also make it harder for thieves to enter your house through the door if you put in a quality security lock.

Window security

You can secure your windows with bars that ensure that no one can access the windows.
On the contrary, another variant that can be used to protect windows is window foils. He will not be able to see into the house through these foils, so the thief will not know if someone is at home or not.
At the moment, there are also outdoor window blinds. You can pull these blinds as soon as you drive away, so that the thief does not get to the windows through which he would enter.

Security alarm and sensor

You can get an alarm that will automatically send you an SMS message when motion is detected, or it can even turn on the light automatically. By doing so, the thief will think that someone is in the house and will not even think of breaking into you.

Camera security

Another way to secure your house is with cameras. Our Home Security application, which offers many functions, can be a suitable camera for your security.To use our application, you only need two devices, through which you will see live broadcasts from your house.
If you are interested in our application, you can learn more about it in our next article: ZDE BUDE ODKAZ – článek HS popis

And now with eight ways to secure your home, you no longer have to worry about anything. You can go on vacation and be at peace so that no one steals from you.


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