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November 23, 2021 6:22 pm

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Do you want to protect your property because you are going on vacation, on a business trip, or just shopping? This will no longer be a problem with Home Security!

You can use your devices that you already have at home and thus save a lot of money compared to buying a camera!

Home Security app has a lot of benefits that will save you money, time and most importantly worries.

How to use Home Security?

Download the app on 2 devices. The app will generate a 5 digit code. Open the app on the 2nd device Select “Enter code”. Enter the code from the 1st device. All within 30 seconds from the opening.

How does the Home Security app work?

The home device is left in your house in order to capture the audio and other device is kept with the owner or anyone who is currently looking after the house

Live Stream Video

You will always see your home live on your phone screen. So you can stay calm wherever you are. Switch between rear and front camera and you can use night mode.


You can easily adjust the noise sensitivity in the application. If the noise in the room where you have a security camera exceeds this limit, you will receive a notification. The application also notifies you when the device is disconnected or when the battery drops below 10 %.

Motion Detection

Any change in your home will be recorded using smart security, such as motion detection.

Can I try Home Security for free?

Yes! Home Security app has a free trial period. Try out all the features of the surveillance system for free. If you’re happy with the service provided, you can buy a subscription – weekly, monthly, or yearly depending on how long you plan to use the app.

How much is Home Security app?

Our pricing depand on on how long you plan to use Home Security. The subscription is – weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can find specific prices in App Store or in Google Play. With Home Security, you pay only once and then you can use the application freely on several devices.

Can I use IP camera, ONVIF or HomeKit camera?

You can use ONVIF cameras now instead of iOS/Android home unit. Our application also supports HomeKit cameras and IP cameras.

Why is Home Security not connecting?

The Home Security app is capable of using Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G & LTE connections over unlimited distances with each device using a different network.

If you have a connection issue with our app, please try the following:

  1. Update app to the latest version on both devices.
  2. The app can just stuck so try to close/shout down Home Security app by swipe out and start it again.
  3. If the issue is network stability related just reboot your router and check for the internet connection. If its not stable, switch both units to 3G/LTE.
  4. If an update does not help or if your version of the app is already updated, could you please check if the app is allowed to use cellular data? (Settings -> Applications -> Home Security -> Cellular data).
  5. Check if you have a working internet connection – your phone can be in the area where it can’t Access the internet signal.
  6. Check if the app works with both devices on another network. Sometimes the app can be blocked by a firewall. In this case, an administrator of the network has to allow the app to make a connection.

Please, contact us if you finish the steps and the app would still not work.

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