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June 18, 2021 3:30 pm

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First of all, we should say what a HomeKit is and what a HomeKit camera is for.

HomeKit is a smart home. With the help of a mobile phone, you can easily control a plethora of devices. These can include: light, thermostat, blinds, air conditioning, garage doors, doorbells, cameras and much more.

Apple strives to make the smart home HomeKit as safe and high quality as possible. Therefore, you can only add certain hardware to your HomeKit. The one that Apple approved itself and is HomeKit certified.

HomeKit certification is a must have for every company on their hardware that you want to add to your smart home. It differs from company to company, but it is stated that it can take up to half a year to obtain certification.

All the hardware you have connected within your smart home communicates primarily via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

In case of your presence at home, you can easily control everything you have connected to your HomeKit. On the contrary, if you are not at home and you want to turn off the children’s room in the room, for example, you have to keep an iPad or Apple TV at home. It will serve as a central office for communication with your mobile device.

Another interesting feature is the conditions for control. For example, if you come home, all the lights will turn on automatically. And lots of other variants that you can customize exactly to your liking.

Apple HomeKit accessories

HomeKit Camera

We will now focus on the HomeKit Camera. There are many kinds and types of cameras that you can connect to your smart home. You can also create a security system from them.

The advantage of cameras that are certified for the HomeKit is their great security. This is because if you already use Apple and, for example, pay through it, you know that it is difficult to abuse.

Likewise, security is very important for cameras. When you have a smart home with a company that is not verified and you buy a camera for the house, you never know what is happening to your data. Your data from the living room can be seen by everyone and further misused. That’s why the HomeKit is a great advantage, just proven security.

Our Home Security applications are among the security issues that are currently certified by the Apple HomeKit. It ensures your safety in your home and at the same time you can control it from anywhere in the world. All you need is two devices. And you can start protecting your home from anywhere.



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